This page is about clasic lengends and myths like bigfoot, dragons, and goblins but I will change the lengends slightly in ways I think makes them better.

Dragons: I thought this classic creature would be a good place to start in covering my myths because not much is changed. Dragons ae reptillian creatures that are highly adaptable to thier enviorment. They are also Highly intelligent. Generaly speaking, dragons are proud creatures but they can see when intetions are noble. Not all dragons breath fire but most do. Dragons living in heavily jungled areas or glaciers are not going to breath fire but they have other distint abillities. The problem when evaluating dragons is that they are highly diverse. The hot rock dragon grows only to be two feet long while the volcano dragon can be two hundred feet long. I've decided that I will Talk about some individual speacies of dragons. Note: I am Making Up the names of the folowing speicies but all the dragons are based on something I've seen, heard, or read about dragons.