This is all about ROBOTS!


1. C.Y.E
2. robopike
3. cynthia
4. slug catcher
5. the dragonfly
6. robodoc
7. asimo
8.sikorsky cypher

the three laws of robotics

1. A robot may not injure a human being or,let a human being come to harm
2.A robot obeys orders as long as it still obeys the first law
3.A robot must defend himself as long as obeys the first and second laws

Robots can work longer than humans so they are good workers but you have to program it. They can be anything from sport bot to a safety bot to a doctor bot. They can be a spy bot or a astronaut . These are called service bots.

Your ipod,computer,T.V and speaker are robots. Even if you don't know it. If you knew that email me. Oh, and be honest.

Once I made a robot arm. I programed it. It had degrees of freedom. That is like our joints.