Bunny v.s carrot
Bunny jumps, carrot slides. Bunnys teeth pierced in the earth. Carrot aproaches bunny but bunny wacks him with his ears. carrot gose flying and bangs in to a cliff. He gets out and stabs bunny in the mouth but bunny flips him and he hits the ground. Carrot slides under bunny knocking him over face first in the ground. bunny jumps on carrot. carrot slideds making bunny go in a back flip. When bunny finds carrot he bites him carrot feels intense pain he jabs bunnies uvula and bunny vomits. and carrot stabs bunnies ear.bunny calls for back up and ginnpig shows up. Carrot creis for asenstance and cabbage comes. carrot throws cabbage and his leaves open up and pin ginnipig to a cliff with them distracted bunny charges carrot. Carrot jumps over him and falls down a mole hill mole come out angry with a little mining cap the light blinds carrot. bunny jumps on mole a pounds him into the ground. Carrot knocks bunny in and bunny comes out saying "Mommy!!" Then up in the sky they see a superhero a plane no it's bird. bird swoops at them bunny knocks him on carrots point and it's bye bye birdie carrot and bunny relized the make a great team so they battle villains until bunny betrays carrot and eats him in the night.

Ever wonder what happened to ginipig and cabbage read here to find out.
after bunny and carrot left them to work together ginipig and cabbage swore they would get revenge so they snuck quietly into there secret head quarters they would eliminate carrot first so they told bunny that snuck out and killed worm bunny always wanted to kill worm so he ate carrot in his sleep. Ginipig and cabbage kill bunny violently. they kepted the base till one day Monkey a banana came. Monkey threw banana like a bomarang and killed cabbage then ginipig charge monkey only to be stabed by banana. Monkey and banana took all the money and moved to florida and stayed there to his suicidal death with banana.

monkey and banana were chilling in florida when the ghosts of bunny carrot ginipig and cabbage came upon him they were terified somuch a knife fell and cut banana in two. then monkey use half of banana to kill him self to this day they fly around together killing all other animal and vegtible dog, broccoli, cat, coliflower, fish,collards, squirrel,and turnip are only afew of them. everyone they killed joined there ghost crew.