We are starting a debate club. Here i'm going to talk to you about our spirited debates.

Do school mash potatos have enough flavor?

Dose any one want 2 talk about the schools mash potatos and if they need more flavor. It is a debate if you think they don't because I think they do. Me
They haz enough flavor!! :O.Maggie.
No, you have to put butter on them. Me
I've seen people put ketchup on their mash potatoes for more flavor. Me
Sebastian: If you put butter AND &&& Ketchup in them its pretty amazing. Not quite as good as home-cooked-home-mashed potatoes, but pretty good. I do think that the milk is nasty. Half the time its frozen, and the other half the chocolate is on the bottom! I think they need to shake up the chocolate milk before they put it in the crate. NO MORE FROZEN MILK!

For some reason I thought they had more flavor at the beginning of the year and now they're just kind of salty. They're not amazing but I have had worse. jacob
The only reason people are putting ketchup on it ish because they THINK it will need it... but sometimes they haven't even tasted it without ketchup. McGee
they say it's gross without ketchup. Me

I changed my mind I don't think they have enough flavor. jacob

What do you think is the best thing to do on the playground?

I think it's basketball. me
Sebastian: I agree. Basketball rox!